Awakening, Spiritual Activism and Empowerment with Dr Kevin Emery

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  • Song Name: Awakening, Spiritual Activism and Empowerment with Dr Kevin Emery
  • Artist: Dr Kevin Emery / Ian Jones
  • Album: Dr Kevin on Spirituality
  • Year: 2009

In today's show we discussed the follow:

Spiritual activism and the dangers of apathy within the spiritual community

His book, Combing The Mirror, and other steps in your spiritual path.

Kevin discusses one of the book's chapters where he goes into Soul Groups, Soul Agreements, Reincarnation, taking personal responsilbilty and also checking your belief systems or BS for short to see if you are believing in something that no longer serves you.

Book info:

Combing the Mirror (and other Steps in Your Spiritual Path)
by Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
ISBN 1-890405-20-5

This light-hearted book takes an in-depth look at how to address the patterns in your life which keep you disempowered. Learn to release your past, stay present in your present and create the future you deserve and desire. Filled with experiential exercises, this book allows the reader to learn and apply the techniques that Dr. Emery has used for many years in his successful spiritual counseling and spiritual coaching work.

Through simple, yet powerful techniques train yourself to take back your life. This book forms the basis of the powerful Combing The Mirror Coaching™ sessions in which participants work with a trained coach, in person or via telephone, to help apply the exercises contained in the book.

Unlike many ‘self-help’ books, Combing The Mirror addresses the issue that information without action is useless. Thus, the issues discussed and uncovered in the book are linked with powerful; practical exercises designed to help the reader actualize the insights they receive. The author jokingly refers to these sections as "Homework . . . the longest four letter word," and urges every reader to take the time to apply what they learn.