Journeys into Consciousness Show 7

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  • Song Name: Journeys into Consciousness Show 7
  • Artist: Mick & Sylvie Avery/Ian Jones
  • Album: Journeys into Consciousness
  • Year: 2009

E.T Races (Raptures, Greys) Gregory also confirmed that there is a race of Raptures that had been here at one time, not a particularly nice race by all accounts as they can be extremely manipulative and self serving with little or no emotions. These sound very similar to the Reptilians spoken about by David Icke. However there are other extremely friendly races visiting us as well who have been here a very long time, most groups have a vested interest in our spiritual evolution. However we do need to be discerning as there are still other self serving groups who would love nothing better than for us to destroy ourselves. He also confirmed that the Greys were and still are involved in abductions for their own means. Moon Landings - 5 Mile Ships Gregory confirmed that the Moon landings had been closely watched by other E.T races. The astronauts witnessed other worldly craft that stretched over 5 miles in length. Titan's Artificial Moon In our previous show, Gregory discussed Buzz Aldrin's exposure of a monolith that's apparently on a moon orbiting Mars. Following on from that show Gregory expanded on this by also confirming that Titan (Saturn's moon) has an abandoned artificial moon orbiting it. A left over relic from a long ago civilisation that had been operating in the area. Phoenix Lights Gregory confirmed the appearance of this huge triangular shaped organic craft that was seen by hundreds of people over Phoenix in the United States. The ship was manned by humanoid type beings. The ship is organic in structure and reacts to thought. Mexico Many sightings seem to happen in Mexico with thousands of people witnessing incredible open displays of E.T craft in their skies all the time. The government and people there are much more open to these events, could these be why they appear there so often. They really want to be seen, the rest of the world really needs to wake up to the greater reality. I suggested that it would be nice if they just showed up in the skies of London, that would certainly do the trick, however Gregory confirmed that this approach would be extremely dangerous for this visiting and us. Many factions within power do not want this subject out. Many of the disclosures that are happening in the UK are apparently being done to just put these pieces to bed, remove the mystery by putting into the public eye, add a sceptical slant and then just hope it goes away. Roswell 1947 Gregory confirmed that two craft did in fact crash in Roswell and retrieved by the military. Rendlesham Forest 1980 The UK Government have recently released classified files regarding this incident that was witnessed by highly credible military personal from the UK and the US. He confirmed that they had also touched the craft as well so experienced the event with all the senses. What the describe did take place, it's a shame that the BBC had chosen to debunk it in their news reports as officers playing a hoax on their colleagues. Crop Circles Gregory confirmed that Crop Circles are indeed real and that they are made by many positive visiting E.T groups as well as the spirit world. They are encoding geometric information in crop circles about our Solar System and new ways of learning about our reality. We should take note!!