Journeys into Consciousness Show 5

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  • Song Name: Journeys into Consciousness Show 5
  • Artist: Spirit Guide Gregory Haye
  • Album: Journeys into Consciousness
  • Year: 2009

Journeys into Consciousness Show 5 - with Gregory, Listener's Questions and Answers

In tonight's show we discussed the following topics: Whether souls choose their parents before they are born. Does Gregory believe that the amount of time and focus the media (radio, TV, magazines and newspapers) devote to diseases such as cancer is actually manifesting more of the diseases they are attempting to eradicate? Gregory's give us his true position on global warming. Gregory was asked, "Have there, of your knowledge/known, ever been any metaphysical manifestations associated with the Necromicon spell book?" The question was asked "Why did Michael Jackson had to die, as he gave so much love into the world and raised us up with his music. Will his children be ok?" Do the deceased live on Earth in another dimension ? A question on foregiveness. Are spirit able to immediately or within a couple of days of passing able to come back within the same family? Gregory talks about his views on fishing and eating fish. He also touches what's needed for full enlightenment. And more....