Journeys into Consciousness Show 3

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  • Song Name: Journeys into Consciousness Show 3
  • Artist: Spirit Guide Gregory Haye
  • Album: Journeys into Consciousness 3
  • Year: 2009

In this show we discuss the following topics Gregory gives an introduction into work that he does with the White Cloud Group. Discusses the difference between a Physical and Non Physical experience. Gregory's work helping people who have suffered a traumatic death and how they pass over into the spirit world. He also talks about the passing over process. It doesn't matter whether a death is violent or peaceful, the process is the same and help is given to all. Soul Groups. The Soul. Thoughts - How they are living things. What happens when large groups pass over together such as what happened within the twin towers. How the spirit world works. Talks about enlightenment, living on healthy vegetarian foods, even discusses the ability to live on light only. A topic on animals and dolphins. How the Multidimensional soul operates so that can it work in many places or times all at the same time. The importance of Forgiveness...