Journeys into Consciousness Show 2

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  • Song Name: Journeys into Consciousness Show 2
  • Artist: Spirit Guide Gregory Haye
  • Album: Journeys into Consciousness 2
  • Year: 2009

Journeys into Consciousness Show 2 - with Spirit Guide Gregory Haye

Topics discussed Autism and what it is and how it affects those with the condition. Also, a discussion around secret power structures (Bilderberg), Swine Flu, Halls of Learning, Planet Earth and problems with the environment. Thought Forms, positive thinking and how negative thought forms can form dark clouds sweeping around the planet affecting people's judgment. Also the Sun and the problems we could face with the Earths defenses being depleted, mainly due to environmental problems and other factors within our solar system. We discuss the nature of reality around quantum physics and the holographic reality and differences between our reality and the spirit world and much more.... This is our second show of this podcast series we connect with spirit guide Gregory via the trance mediumship of Mick Sylvie Avery.